Get Healthy Philly

In 2010 the Philadelphia Department of Health launched the Get Healthy Philly initiative to increase healthy eating, active living, and smoke-free lifestyles through policy, systems, and environmental change.

Safe Routes Philly’s teacher training program during 2010-2012 was made possible by funding from the Department of Health and Human Services and Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s Get Healthy Philly Initiative: Working Together for a Healthy, Active, and Smoke-Free City.


AppleThrough the Philadelphia Campaign for Healthier Schools the Food Trust, the Philadelphia School District and Safe Routes Philly worked to help improve the wellness of schools; develop young leaders in middle and high schools; encourage staff and students to be true partners in the creation of a healthy school through policy changes; and increase the consumption of healthy foods and physical activity.


School District of Philadelphia Logo
In partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, Wellness Councils have been established in 200 schools that bring together teachers, students, staff, administrators, and parents to push for programmatic and policy changes in school related to food and fitness.


The Food Trust and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia are collaborating with the School District to offer more accessibility to nutritious foods and increased physical activity for students in the public schools of Philadelphia. Safe Routes Philly is working with the School District of Philadelphia’s, Office of Health, Safety, and Physical Education to bring our programming to your elementary school.


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