Program Information

Elementary School Programming

Safe Routes Philly offers curriculum, training, support and resources for public elementary school teachers. Our “train the trainer” model means that we work with teachers, administrators, and community members to develop programs that work for each school. Safe Routes Philly has developed its own curriculum on bicycle safety for 5th graders and pedestrian safety for 2nd graders (all of which are adaptable to other elementary grade levels).  These materials are available for free for all teachers and administrators.  You can download the material directly from our website. Please understand that Safe Routes Philly does not offer an educator to come out during the school year to teach a lesson in bicycle safety.

  • We work to help elementary school teachers implement pedestrian (2nd grade) and bicycle (5th grade) safety lessons.
  • We assist individual schools in creating sustained encouragement campaigns to get their kids walking and biking safely on a regular basis. Our programs include:
  1. Walking School Bus
  2. Walking Wednesday/Feet First Friday
  3. Walking Clubs
  4. Walkability Audits
  5. Bicycling Clubs
  6. Bicycle Safety Rodeos
  7. Support for Middle and High School students

For more information please contact the Education Director, Megan Rosenbach (



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