Is a walking club right for your school?

Does your school have a lot of students already walking to school? Or, do you want to get more students walking?  Check out our guide for starting a walking club at your school! Photo courtesy of / Dan Burden

Looking for Act 48 Credit?

You've come to the right place!  Safe Routes Philly training sessions for Philadelphia Public School 2nd, 5th and middle school PE teachers.  Click here for more information about our sessions.

Helmet Fitting with Mr. Cy

Are helmets really cool? How can a helmet help you? Check out our new video with Mr. Cy!

Kids Love Helmets

Few people would choose to ride in a car with no seat belts. So why hop on a bike without a bike helmet? Helmets simply make sense in all riding conditions, particularly since at least 21 states carry laws requiring them. Take a look at our tips for buying a helmet.