Teacher Completion Forms

Teacher Completion Forms (TCF) are a vital measure of our programming’s effectiveness.  We ask teachers to complete the form after they have taught the Safe Routes Philly lesson(s).  The form provides the teacher with a chance to give us feedback on our lessons and training.

The form takes only a few minutes to complete but provides Safe Routes Philly with valuable information that we share with our program funders.  This feedback in turn allows us to apply for more funding with which we can bring additional pedestrian and bicycle safety resources to Philadelphia schools.

  • Teacher Completion Form - To be completed after lessons have been taught.  Please submit completed forms to Waffiyyah Murray. Waffiyyah’s also able to assist in filling out this form via phone or email.  Once completed, the forms can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to our office.
  • Student Travel Tally -To be completed twice during the school year to show change, if any, of students travel modes to and from school. Please submit these forms to our office.

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