Walking Activities

Do you want your kids to walk more regularly? Check out our detailed guide on Starting a Walk to School Day. Alternatively, here is a quick 5 step guide on planning a Walk or Bike to School Day. As a member of the school community, you have the power to fuel the Safe Routes to School Movement by encouraging safe and active transportation. Each school is unique, but all can take steps toward improving health, safety and quality of life for our Philadelphia students. Throughout the school year the Safe Routes Philly team helps to encourage schools throughout Philadelphia to get their own Walk to School Day going. The Education and Safety team of the BCGP is happy to meet with your school’s Home & School Council or community group to further discuss the possibilities.

Another option, and a great way to follow up Walk to School Day, is to start on-going walking initiatives at your school! This Safe Routes Philly guide will outline several methods and types of walking activities that students at your school can use for transportation and fitness!

  • Want to get your students engaged with neighborhood safety around your school? Take them through our neighborhood Walkability lesson; we have options for early elementary students as well as for upper elementary students.


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