Biking Activities

Do your kids want to continue learning about how to be a safe rider?

A great option is a bicycle rodeo. A bicycle rodeo is a skill building obstacle course developed for the purpose of teaching children basic bicycle riding skills like stopping, balancing, signaling, and turning. The rodeo also features bike and helmet safety inspections.  Download and print our Bicycle Rodeo Toolkit to bring to your school or organization. Contact Us for assistance!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has information for preparing  your own Bicycle Rodeo too. They have divided their information based on desired size of event. Check out this free resource online here.

How about getting your kids to use the bicycle as an active form of transportation to get to and from school?

Check out our Guide on Starting a Walk and Bike to School Day. As a member of the school community, you have the power to fuel the Safe Routes to School Movement by encouraging safe and active transportation. Each school is unique, but all can take steps toward improving health, safety and quality of life for our Philadelphia students. Throughout the school year the Safe Routes Philly team helps to encourage schools throughout Philadelphia to get their own Walk and Bike to School Day going. We are happy to meet with your school’s PTA or community group to further discuss the possibilities.

Have your kids learned how to ride a bike without training wheels?  

Check out this 5 minute video on how to teach your child how to ride a bike.



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