Buying a Helmet

In the Safe Routes Philly helmet fitting lesson we teach kids that there are many different people, athletes and professionals alike, who wear helmets every day. People like; football players, construction workers, firemen, hockey players, etc., they wear helmets because they love what they do and want to keep doing it.

One of the most common reasons we hear from kids as to why they don’t like to wear helmets is because they don’t think its cool. If you think back to when you first got a helmet, do you remember picking it out? A helmet is an extension of someone’s style. Think of it as a piece of their wardrobe. Kids just like adults like to wear something that fits their personality. Keep in mind there are lots of different styles out there. Any helmet is a good choice as long as the helmet has the sticker inside that says either, CPSC standard, Snell B-95 or N-94. Check out Helmet Fitting with Mr. Cy for how to properly fit a helmet. Helmet Shopping Tips: Let your child pick out their helmet. They are more likely to wear a helmet if they like how it looks! 

For more detailed information on everything helmets check out the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute’s comprehensive website.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Association released a comprehensive report on helmet effectiveness, and how you can demonstrate it with an egg drop. Download the PDF here, and get a tarp ready for your kitchen!

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