Teacher Feedback

“Outstanding!!! Grade level appropriate – extremely important for our students.”

Teacher from Girard College

“I was surprised at how little my students knew even though they own and ride bikes…all the information was extremely relevant…”

6th grade teacher from Northwood Academy

“For my kindergarten through eighth grade public elementary school the Safe Routes Philly Program has increased student interest in biking to school. Thanks to the training students are enthusiastic about biking. Thanks to the program we are developing safe and systematic ways for students to bike to school. The program is a fantastic resource that we would like to continue to utilize to keep our students informed about safe biking practices. The safety classes are fun and informative because the instructors meet the students at their level.”

Emilia Rastrick
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Lingelbach Elementary School

“The kids LOVE the bike racks you installed.  As the weather gets nicer, more and more of them are riding them every day.  Thank you so much!”

Victoria Velazquez
Loesche Elementary School

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